AFlex Mobile Sales Apps (Android & IOS)
AFlex Mobile Sales Apps (Android & IOS)
AFlex Mobile Sales Apps (Android & IOS)
AFlex Mobile Sales Apps (Android & IOS)


AFlex Mobile Sales Apps (Android & IOS)

RM800.00 - RM6,042.00

Quantity: 6000

Select variant(s): Device/Year



Specification: Transaction:
- Sales order, delivery order, sales invoice, cash sales, sales credit note, sales debit note

- Stock balance, AR outstanding, sales history, sales summary, cash on hand

Additional features:
- GPS tracking
- Product photo
- Item package
- Sales agent scheduler
- AR temporary receipts (*Need add on Autocount Plug in)
- Data sync status
- Printer setting

Integration: - Direct link to AutoCount Accounting System V2.0

Special Quote: - For device more than 5 can message to support for quotation

Devices & Subscription: - Android / IOS
- Monthly subscription per device per account boo

AFLEX Mobile Sales APP is a dynamic solution for company/corporate to manage sales agent activities. It will carry a great benefit to the management team in term of: -
- Speed up entire ordering / billing cycle * Our solution is Auto Synchronize in 2 ways method
- No more hardcopy order/billing booklet. * Paperless. Customer able to receive document via email (pdf)
- Avoid miscommunication with sales support team (provide misleading information from both party)
  * Sales Agent will direct update the order/billing into the APP (no more pinpointing)
  * Able to issue order / billing even no mobile network coverage
  * Support offline & Auto synchronize once the mobile network coverage is ready
- Management User able to review with real time update sales status
- Management able to trace GPS Tracking base on customer address vs Doc creation coordinate
- Sales Agent (person) able to view customer outstanding report
- Sales Agent (person) able to view inventory on hand quantity (preset at sales agent portal)
- Show Product picture to ease sales agent to identify the SKU Beside the standard features, we also have addon modules such as: -
  - Item Package * Sales agent able to issue item package (item bundle) during AFLEX Sales Mobile APP
  - Check in * Allow agent to check in during site visit client
  - Customer Temporary Payment Receipt * Sales agent allow to enter payment receive from customer. Auto posting back to accounting system to verify and convert into official receipt

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