Accounting Software

AutoCount Accounting V2.0 System (Window Based)

EFFORTLESS Productivity

Create as many templates as you need for frequently used documents, and schedule all recurring transactions for future periods. Improve productivity and efficiency in daily routines with a few simple actions.<

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RM2,120.00 - RM9,540.00
AFlex Mobile Sales Apps (Android & IOS)

AFLEX Mobile Sales APP is a dynamic solution for company/corporate to manage sales agent activities. It will carry a great benefit to the management team in term of: -
- Speed up entire ordering / billing cycle * Our solution is Auto Synchronize in 2 ways method
- No more hardcopy order/billing booklet. * Paperless.

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RM800.00 - RM6,042.00
SQL Accounting System (Window Based)

SQL Account enhances workplace performance, reduces human error, and maximizes profits through our stable, dependable, and developed software functionalities. Our system's wide range of functions includes data collection and analysis, accurate reporting formats, inventory maintenance, and SST processing.<

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RM1,907.00 - RM3,815.00