Special Customization

Special Customization
With a thoroughly understanding of customer needs, requirements and expectations, customization has become a key business characteristic for the commercial success of software platforms. To ensure customers take full advantage of the DMS offering, DMS works closely with them to customize the solution to a customer’s specific needs, by:
  • An adaptation of an existing software product that is intended for general use and
  • Any type software design for the exclusive use of a particular organization.

In any of these two approaches, customized software is tailored to meet the specific needs of an organization.


DMS customizations can involve the following:

  • Changing the functionality, workflow, and processes of the product to fit specific business needs
  • Defining the required configuration of our products
  • Customizing visual aspects of the solution (logos, layouts, colors, images, screen behavior)
  • Addressing visual customization of 3rd party applications involved in the solution
  • Developing additional product functionality or capabilities

Whatever your reasons that will lead your choice, don’t forget that customized software can save money in the long run.

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